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New Patient Offer!

New patients receive a $49 first visit which includes history, exam, x-rays and first treatment.

Some restrictions apply. Not valid for Medicare patients. Contact us for more info or get the coupon here.

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A Letter From Your Doctors At Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic in Amarillo, Texas:

Dear Back Pain Sufferer

Raise your hand if you’re nervous you might waste your time and money with someone who:

  • Doesn’t listen to your problem
  • Talks over your head
  • Disrespects your time
  • Leaves you with a large bill and little help

If you’ve been searching for an affordable, quality, intent-on-getting-you-well chiropractor that uses natural pain relieving methods,

...then you have three chiropractors, a staff of happy assistants and magic-fingered massage therapists who would love the opportunity to help you bounce back to feeling great.

Hey, I’m Brock (The general public calls me “Dr. Lovett”). I’m a Husband, father of 6, and hopefully your chiropractic choice for pain relief. 

I just celebrated my 35th anniversary in practice here in Amarillo, TX.  

Between you and me, the only reason I’ve lasted this long is because of the results we’ve seen here in practice.  

Plus, the energy boost those results give me makes me want to continue helping thousands of folks just like yourself.  

Honestly, there is just something invigorating about doing the right thing, and seeing it work on others.  

Several years ago I recognized the need to replicate myself.  

So I did!

You're going to be thrilled to meet Dr. Kenneth Wingrove (picture left) and Dr. Daniel Scherer (picture right).

They both love our patients just as much as I do.  I trust them.  And I’m confident you will too.

I’m here to tell you that you do not have to live in pain.  

And if you’re ready for relief from your muscle, joint and nerve pains today then I think you’ll be thrilled to find we are accepting new patients.  

On top of that, we accept walk-ins and promise you will be seen the same day (as long as our practice is open, of course).  Contact us today to speed up your recovery.

If you are similar to our average patient, you may be able to feel complete pain relief in as little as two weeks.  Now, with that said, I cannot guarantee any results.  

The honest truth is every body is different.  And I look forward to meeting you in person to see if we truly can help.

What I can say is you’ll be greeted with a smile.  We’ll call you by your name, not a number.  You’ll be treated with respect. Your problem will be intently listened to.  

Then we’ll tell you if we can help.  And if not, we’ll send you to someone who can. 

If we do indeed expect we can help your condition, then we will map out your recovery with a timeline, a treatment plan and a prognosis.  

“I thought it would go away.” How do I know this pain won’t just fix itself?

‘Cause it hasn’t yet.  That’s why you’re here on this site, right?  If the pain came on without an actual injury event, then the rule of thumb is 8 days.  

Seek outside help after a week of no resolve.  If you actually injured yourself, then the faster you can get help, the better it will heal.

How do you compare to other chiropractors in Amarillo? 

Freeze, Clenney, Ehle, Smith, Parker, Western, Riemer, Williams, Broom, West, Creek Stone, Gunney, etc.  They’re all good doctors. I’ve always said, chiropractors are like snowflakes, we’re all a little different but we all get excellent results. 

Who am I to say who the best chiropractor in Amarillo is?  So, I won’t.  

A little competition is always healthy and fun.  

If you’re doing your homework, then I’m sure you’ve already looked up Amarillo chiropractor reviews.  

We’ve been blessed to receive the Best of Amarillo recognition award nine years.  It comes down to “doing our thing” and paying attention to you.

What therapies do you offer and why?

In simple terms, whether you have lower back pain, mid back pain, neck pain or back pain caused by a disc, there are 3 steps to help you in recovering efficiently and effectively.  

First, we gently move the joints and un-pinch the nerve (use chiropractic adjustment & cox distraction).

Second, you want to relax the muscle spasm (using therapeutic ultrasound, interferential electric stimulation, and/or massage) and speed up healing (use cold laser therapy).  

Third, pump life back into the disc (using intersegmental traction or non-surgical spinal decompression).

Once you’ve relieved the pain, and the muscles around the injury are relaxed and no longer in spasm, then the next step to reduce flare-ups and eliminate relapses is to re-train those muscles to surround and protect the joint with the use of functional rehab stretches and exercises.

This will strengthen the surrounding muscles.

Last part to healing is to stabilize the ligaments so you stop the disc degeneration from advancing.

Whenever you injured your spine or disk, the ligaments were yanked or even torn.  Those ligaments don’t have a good blood supply.  And blood is what heals the body quickly.  So, it can take ligaments months, to years to heal.

That healing process will just naturally happen over time. And  we’ve noticed that those patients who experience longterm pain relief and the fewest flare-ups are the ones who show up once each month to remind the body how it’s supposed to move with a chiropractic adjustment.

If any of the pain relieving methods I mentioned above resonate well with you, then I encourage you to let us, at least, take a look at your back or neck.  

I’ve done my best to eliminate any money concerns with the first visit coupon you can find above.  Give us a call now at (806) 358-7106 and I’ll look forward to meeting you in person. 

Always here to help,

Dr. Brock Lovett

PS. Don’t let the next couple weeks be the same as the last two weeks. Do something about it now.  We’d be delighted to help you and we’re accepting new patients today.  

PPS. All you have to do is give us a call now at (806) 358-7106, then print off the coupon if you want to reverse the financial risk back on me. And we’ll take care of the rest.  Looking forward to you!

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I have had nothing but positive experiences at Lovett Chiropractice Clinic. Dr. Lovett explains everything so well and is willing to give advice on things that will affect your lifestyle. I won't go anywhere else!

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