What to expect.

Your First Visit

Are you ready to get started? We encourage you to save 15 minutes by completing your paperwork in the convenience of your home and bringing it with you when you come. 

In a consultation, we’ll discover what brought you in and determine if we can help you. Then, to determine the best recovery options, we’ll perform an examination and we can take digital x-rays or posture photos to find the underlying cause of your health complaints.

If we determine we can help, you will have your first treatment today on your first visit to jumpstart your healing.

Please expect your first visit to last around 1 hour.

Your Second Visit

When you return for your second visit, we’ll converse with you briefly what is causing your pains or other symptoms.  We’ll show you the best route to getting healthy fast. And we’ll show you how to fix it.

If you desire to move forward with what we have to offer, we’ll give you our best care plan recommendation and show you the most cost-effective way for you to heal.

This visit should last 45 minutes.  

As we are mindful of your time, all further average visits are under 15 minutes.

Care that lasts forever?

When you begin care, you can decide how often you’d like to return. We’re always here for you if you need us. There is no pressure.  Most of our patients visit because of how great they feel, and we hope you do too.

Are you ready to get started?