Dr. Daniel Scherer

Dr. Brock Lovett

I am a native of Amarillo. I graduated from Palo Duro High School, and attended Amarillo College and West Texas State University. I graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa, (read my CV Text) and have been in practice in Amarillo since 1981. My wife, Debbie, and I have six children and a growing number of beautiful grandchildren, who we enjoy more than anything else in our lives. I also enjoy serving in my church, as well as a rare day or two in the great outdoors. 

My mission in practice is to provide the best treatment, the best staff, the best procedures the best healing experience available anywhere in the world. That mission demands that I listen to and respond to the needs of my staff and patients. I believe that the Power that created the body can heal the body, and I love having a profession that makes me a contributing partner in that process. 

Our doctors and staff are completely dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients and consider it a privilege to serve you.

Dr. Daniel Scherer

Dr. Daniel Scherer

Originally from Atlanta Georgia I came to Amarillo for the family-friendly atmosphere. My wife, Rose, and I have four children, and we found a sense of community here in Amarillo we didn't experience in the big city. We do miss the trees of the south, but I've learned I can find trees when I go camping, hiking and river rafting, which are some hobbies of mine.

Three painful lower back disc bulges kept me from practicing chiropractic for several years, during which I ran a personal fitness training company so I could continue teaching my enthusiasm for healthy lifestyle.

In August 2015, Dr. Lovett invited me to return to chiropractic practice and told me he could fix my back using nonsurgical spinal decompression. Thanks to spinal decompression combined with chiropractic care, I can now get down on the floor to wrestle with my children. I can work, play and travel pain-free as much as I want! Better yet, because I can relate first hand with our patients from my own pain and personal recovery, I feel I've become a better doctor and teacher.

I look forward to hearing your story, and providing you with fast pain relief and recovery.

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