Back & Hip Relief

Stop your back pains. Stop hip pain. Make a strong back at any age. Here’s what we do. We use a simple 4-step alignment process.

Adjusting Senior Woman


Chiropractic adjustments to improve your joint mobility.

Walk-ins Are Welcome


Myofascial Release Massage to restore range of motion.

Therapy Department performing stretches


Egoscue Method™ Posture Therapy to align your posture and symmetry.

Decompression Treatment


Triton™ Decompression technology to rehydrate discs and un-pinch nerves.

"Have to share about this amazing company!! It was a Thursday night- 5:30- right before closing time- and I was headed to an important business trip the following Saturday. My back did the whole, OUCH thing that I knew was bad news. (Especially for a plane ride and sitting in meetings.) The doctors and staff were so supportive and accommodating, even though I know they were ready to go home! They even opened Friday, (thank you Melody) so I could do decompression. When they are normally closed! This was my saving grace. My back was GREAT the entire trip. And my stress levels were better because of their kindness. This is what GREAT businesses are made of, people. They’ve always been my place for chiropractic care- but now they will have my business for LIFE! Thank you Lovett Chiropractic!"
- Deanna, Amarillo, TX
"I hurt my back about a year ago. I first went to my PCP for a referral for a chiropractor but he wanted to just prescribe steroids. I insisted that he at least prescribe PT and he finally agreed. I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. After my initial visit at Lovett Chiropractic, I was able to walk upright again and I was back to my regular workout at the gym the next morning. I continue to visit Lovett Chiropractic for monthly maintenance visits. I whole heartedly recommend Lovett Chiropractic. The office staff is very friendly and appointment times are scheduled very efficiently - I am in and out within 30 minutes for an adjustment and PT. I should also mention that this clinic has also helped to relieve pain from tennis elbow and a sinus infection - chiropractor s don't just adjust the back, they can help with other areas as well."
- Teresa, Amarillo, TX

simple Works.

Here’s how to feel great all the time.

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Drop by our office for Hands-On Treatment. Also, you can Phone, Skype, or Facetime with a live therapist. Or log online for personalized coaching.

Even when you're busy.

Sometimes you’re so busy with life that you just can’t get in to see us.  We have an App for that! Ask us today about the Egoscue Method™ and Online Coaching.

Support made simple.

Lovett Chiropractic has teamed with the Egoscue Method™ to give you ongoing support anytime, anywhere so you can live pain-free while life is hectic!

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