Chiropractor With Massage Therapist

You are not alone if you’re looking to efficiently combine a Chiropractor with a Massage Therapist.  We have used the combo with extreme success when it comes to fixing muscle, joint, disc and nerve pains with our patients. We would be delighted to see if we can help you.

At Lovett Chiropractic, we believe most muscle, joint, and disc pain comes from injury, bad posture, or lack of movement, each causing body misalignments that lead to pain.

We stop pain by getting you aligned, so you can feel relaxed, less stressed and live pain-free doing the things you love. 

Visit one of our Amarillo clinics to stop your musculoskeletal pain now.


Align your body and live pain-free so you can do what you love and keep moving forward.

Head & Neck Relief

Stop your headaches. Stop neck pain. Align your head & neck for pain-free living.

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Back & Hip Relief

Stop your back pains. Stop hip pain. Make a strong back at any age.

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Sciatica Relief

Stop sciatic leg pain. Stand firm. Stand tall.

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Foot Relief

Stop plantar fasciitis foot pains. Walk, run, and dance without pain. Stand on your own two feet without inserts, special shoes or surgery.

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See what people are saying.

"Surprisingly, with the cold weather, my joints aren’t hurting today!"
- Karen, Amarillo, TX
"I Feel Like I’m In My 20s Again!"
- John, Amarillo, TX
"Felt 100% better after the first adjustment and massage."
- Melissa, Amarillo, TX
"Great to be back to normal in such a short time. I am 62 and just can't slow down cuz I am feeling so great."
- Deborah, Amarillo, TX
"My pregnancy discomfort is now nothing compared to what it was before I went in!"
- Emilee, Amarillo, TX
"I can walk and sleep again!"
- Teresa, Amarillo, TX
"I can walk without limping. I have more energy as well."
- Dana, Amarillo, TX
"I never have to wait very long and I always walk out of there feeling a whole lot better!"
- Pauline, Amarillo, TX

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People we've helped

“We believe most people suffering from muscle, joint, disc or nerve pain will find faster relief and healing by moving their locked-up joints and rebalancing their posture.” – Lovett Chiropractic

Enough is enough.

It’s time to take back your life. When pain gets in the way, your focus is distracted.  Your time is wasted sitting and watching others do the activities you wish you could still do.  You long for that ability to actively do those things that are fun and important to you. Instead, you have to find the easier alternative. Your quality of life is cut in half, or more.  

Let us help you take back your focus, your time and your abilities.