Head & Neck Relief

Stop your headaches. Stop neck pain. Align your head and neck for pain-free living.  Here’s what we do. We use a simple 4-step alignment process.

Adjusting Senior Woman


Chiropractic adjustments to improve your joint mobility.

Walk-ins Are Welcome


Myofascial Release Massage to restore range of motion.

Therapy Department performing stretches


Egoscue Method™ Posture Therapy to align your posture and symmetry.

Decompression Treatment


Triton™ Decompression technology to rehydrate discs and un-pinch nerves.

"From the staff.... to Dr Lovett....they are amazing! I've experienced horrible headaches for 15+ yrs & have always just medicated.....75% nothing worked. I've just made myself used to them, thinking it was just gonna be my way of life. After seeing Dr Lovett .....I literally broke down crying on him bcuz he made me feel like, for the 1st time, I'm gonna get some relief. He has already pinpointed 2 sources of my headaches. He even called me later that evening to see how I felt my appt went & how I was feeling after my adjustment & massage. I'm so excited about my treatment & finally getting some answers. Truly a God send!!!!"
- Stacie, Amarillo, TX
"Lovett chiropractic has always been my top choice for chiropractic care. They always get me in ASAP when I call for needing adjustments and massages to relieve my unbearable headaches and sciatica pain in my lower back and leg. I always leave feeling so much bettter. They have an amazing staff who treats you like family and genuinely cares about your care. If you suffer from chronic headaches or other back pain I would call their office to set up your appointment."
- Andrea, Amarillo, TX

simple Works.

Here’s how to feel great all the time.

Get better, stay better.

Drop by our office for Hands-On Treatment. Phone, Skype, or Facetime with a live therapist. Or log online for personalized coaching.

Even when you're busy.

Sometimes you’re so busy with life that you just can’t get in to see us.  We have an App for that! Ask us today about the Egoscue Method™ and Online Coaching.

Support made simple.

Lovett Chiropractic has teamed with the Egoscue Method™ to give you ongoing support anytime, anywhere so you can live pain-free while life is hectic!

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