HOW Chiropractic HELPS

We use the Chiropractic adjustment here at Lovett Chiropractic in Amarillo, Texas because it has proven effective in retraining the injured joints to move and function.

You see, whenever you injure a joint, especially in the spine, the muscles surrounding that joint will lock down and stop the joint from moving in attempt to protect it from further injury.

If the joint stays locked up without movement for too long, then the disc at that joint will begin dehydrating and withering away.

Movement in the body, both broadly and at the joint level are important for good health.

If there is no movement, then the joint decays and chronic symptoms occur, including the pinched nerve and slipped disc issues.

The chiropractic adjustment can get the joint moving again, which commonly relieves joint pain, stress, and other spinal problems.

Chiropractic treatment is a non-surgical and drug-free healing method that can be helpful in relieving both acute pain and treating chronic musculoskeletal pain issues.

It’s considered an alternative health care technique based around the understanding that the body has the inborn ability to heal itself naturally.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, headache, or sciatica, I recommend giving chiropractic a try. You just might be amazed at how effective it can be for you.

Call us now at 806-358-7106 or just walk in to our clinic during our business hours and we’ll be delighted to meet with you to discuss your condition and the options available with your chiropractor.

We have two chiropractors on staff who are both very qualified to handle any condition in our scope of practice and we have won the ‘Best of Amarillo’ award for over a decade now!

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractic care can:

  • Un-Pinch nerves and Retrain Joints to Move Properly
  • Help nerves and joints heal
  • Improve joint motion
  • Relax muscle spasms
  • Increase muscle and joint flexibility
  • Help physical function
  • Relieve neck, back, and joint pain
  • Relieve stress and improve sleep
  • Relieve arthritis
  • Relieve chronic headaches

Gentle Specific Chiropractic Techniques

We use a mix of several state-of-the-art Chiropractic techniques.

Diversified Full Spine, Cox Distraction, Impulse, Activator Method and Hearon Extremity adjusting to name a few.

We always use the first technique of choice according to what we know gets best results for your particular condition. But, we love communication and want you to let us know if any of the techniques aren’t comfortable.

If so, we always have another method of adjusting the area to help you feel more comfortable during your recovery.

I think you’ll find our newer and better treatment methods are safe, comfortable, and extremely effective.