Massage Therapy

A conservative approach to restoring health.

Massage Therapy Amarillo

Massage Therapy is a great way to relax muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and relieve acute or chronic joint pains.

Another great benefit from massage is it can increase blood circulation to the affected problem area, which can speed up healing. Combined with chiropractic care, massage therapy can be extremely beneficial in treating various chronic joint conditions.

Visit our clinic for the best massage treatment for your musculoskeletal issues. We provide various massage and muscular therapies that are tailored to meet the needs of your particular condition.


Myofascial Release Technique

Myofascial Release is a safe hands-on technique used to treat chronic pain disorders caused by the bunching up of myofascial tissues. These tissues wrap around muscles like a glove to contain one muscle from another muscles rubbing over each other. After an injury or lack of movement, these myofascia will begin sticking to each other or even bunch up causing sensitivity and tightness.

This Myofascial Release Technique is performed by gently applying sustained pressure on the involved myofascial bunching and it has proven effective in helping to relieve pinched nerves & sciatica, foot pains & plantar fasciitis, and reduce knots & tension in the neck and back.


Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique, also referred to as “A.R.T.”, is a technique that can loosen up scar tissue and has proven very effective in treating frozen shoulders, upper back knots, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and troubled knees.

Though the pressure needed to release scar tissue adhesions and build-up is firm, most patients are able to relax during the treatment. The results we witness are almost immediate with improved mobility, stronger muscles, and reduced pain.

A.R.T. is one of several therapies we use for relaxing muscles and loosening up scar tissue adhesions.
Articular Therapy
Articular Therapy (AT) combines massage with therapeutic exercises that help in the restoration of joint movement of the hip, shoulder, and ankle.

It is a therapeutic treatment method created to treat joint symptoms and restore the normal mobility of the body.

At Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic, we have two expert articular therapists both of who are trained by Dr. John Pollard, the creator of the Articular Therapy technique.