Spinal Decompression

A non-surgical therapy used to treat disk injuries in the neck, mid-back and low back.

If you find you’re “throwing out” your back and in pain for weeks at a time, or relapsing over and over from an old injury, then this is the therapy you’ll enjoy.

It’s a very gentle, safe treatment that utilizes FDA-cleared equipment
to apply distraction forces on the affected spinal area.

The spinal decompression therapy gently separates the vertebrae from each other, creating a vacuum inside the targeted disks. This vacuum effect sucks the disk material back into place and relieves the pressure on the sciatic nerve roots.

You can consult the experts at Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic if you’re dealing with a disk injury, degenerative disk disease, or pinched nerves. Spinal decompression therapy can help you with your problem. The spinal decompression treatment involves cycles of decompression and partial relaxation, which over a series of visits, pump water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks. The nutrients help the torn and degenerated disk fibers to heal.

For lower back treatment, the patient lies comfortably on a decompression table with a set of padded straps snug around the waist and the lower chest. For the treatment of neck pain, the person has to lie on his / her back with a pair of soft rubber pads behind the neck. The treatment process is usually comfortable and relaxing.

Conditions That Can Be Treated Through Spinal Decompression:

  • Bulging disks
  • Herniated disks
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Radiating arm pain
  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Leg pain
  • Facet syndromes

Are you serious about reversing your achy low back, stiff neck or sciatic pain? If so, what you are discovering now may shock and even excite you to learn how much easier it is to bounce back from low back and neck pain. Better yet, many so called “severe” disc conditions such as degenerative disc disease, bulging and herniated discs now may NOT require surgery after experiencing this relatively new treatment.

Hi there, I’m Dr Daniel Scherer, one of the three fun chiropractors at Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic where, as of 2016, we will be celebrating our 35th year in practice. I obviously haven’t been here the whole time. But I’ve attached to the mission to help you find fast pain relief and feel at home knowing happiness with your health is our priority. You can learn more about my story by clicking here.

As we’ve matured in time with improving on patient care, speed of recovery, affordability, and convenience, we’ve witnessed numerous patient cases resolve their pain quickly with conservative chiropractic care.

Some cases though don’t get awesome results with just chiropractic care. With the more challenging necks and backs, found in both acute and chronic disc injuries, we may need to bring in more fire power to revive the disc and release the pinched nerves. I promise you’re going to love what I get to describe next…

If you can relate to this so far, go ahead and call us now to fix your degenerated or bulging disc pain at (806) 686-1055.

The past standard was to refer those patients for surgical consult. We are more than delighted to announce that there is now a better way to reverse damaged discs. (That’s me on the table!)

Ten years ago we purchased and learned about a procedure called “Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression” that gently and specifically pumps life back into the disc. It also has the ability to plump up a dehydrated flattened disc and it may also be able to suck bulges back into position.

Now that we’ve been testing this machine in the trenches for over a decade, we’re confident that if you are a candidate for this treatment, it may just be the option that gets you from feeble to vigorous again in a matter of only 20 minute sessions. Check out my personal bounce-back story after suffering 3 painful career-ending disc bulges in my low back. After 3 years of absence I’m back into chiropractic and I’m excited to be working with Dr Lovett and Dr Ky!

Many Amarillo locals have now taken advantage of this decompression service and notice they save time and financial cost from back doctors and surgeons. If you have a bulging, herniated or degenerative disc, call us now at (806) 686-1055 to set up a consultation and MRI review. These reviews just might put you on the fastest pain management track around.

Imagine being able to sit without sharp sciatic nerve pain shooting into your lower back, hips, legs and feet. Picture your stiff neck finally able to turn now to see the cleared lane as you merge onto Interstate 40 during rush hour on your way home from work. And, by the way, standing for hours and lifting 20+ to 50+ pounds at work is easier now that your shoulders, mid back and low back are looser and you have better posture. Aggravations of feeling weak and decrepit from sciatica, disk herniations, and pinched nerves are a thing of the past. To learn more about Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression click here.

Here I am on one of our Triton DTS Spinal Decompression tables during one of my treatments to put life back into my bulging low back discs. Check out the Triton DTS video to understand more about how these tables decompress the spine and I’ll describe it more from a first person point of view as well as from a doctoring standpoint.

If you saw my About page, you know that I had three severe low back bulging discs that were bad enough that I took several years off of chiropractic because it hurt to be the adjuster (chiropractic doctoring is a physically demanding career). So I started a personal training company during those years off to keep my spine moving. It was Summer 2015 that I felt the bug to return to practice and apparently my stars aligned well with Dr Brock Lovett’s need for a third chiropractor on staff. He introduced me to spinal decompression with the hope that it would fix my back well enough for me to return to full-time practice. Within a matter of just three weeks I was in full force adjusting and I felt better than I had felt in years.

So here’s a quick update on my low back. I moved my family into our new home this past April 2016 and I was stubborn enough to not ask for help. There were a few pieces of furniture that were just too awkward, like the couch and mattresses that I did get my neighbor to help me. And, as you may have guessed it, I woke up the next day with low back pain. I was worried that I may have “undone” all the great decompression sessions that fixed me. But, within a matter of a few hours, my back felt good again. We’re talking super fast recovery. In the past I would have been laid up for five or more days. I haven’t had a follow up MRI to confirm that my own three disc bulges are being sucked back into position, But for sure I do know that the healing continues and I am thrilled to know I am bouncing back faster than before a began this decompression journey. (Now if I can only learn to ask for help when I move my entire household.) 

Each month, we find more Amarillo locals are asking for a better option away from irreversible invasive surgeries, extensive physical therapies and medications to just numb the pain. I am confident that this non-surgical spinal decompression method may be your answer to fixing your sciatica, pinched nerves and degenerative disc issues. Better yet, both scientific studies and in office have shown up to a 92% success rate in recovery.

Non-surgical Spinal Decompression is proven to achieve the highest clinical success rates published in the science journals for decompression back pain relief. I’ll show you how you may be able to resolve your disc pains with this really cool machine that only requires a maximum 28 minutes of your time.

Let me help you reverse your pains so you can get back to the life you want. Call me today at (806) 686-1055. 


How Spinal Decompression Works

This is such a great new technology. The majority of chronic back problems are created from the spinal discs getting compressed and forced flat. Spinal decompression is simply the opposite action of compression on the discs. The patient lays down on a cushioned table. We dial into the computer the specific disc of focus. The computer is attached to gears and a pulley system. And when the decompression turns on, there is a slow relaxing milking action that pumps the disc back to life.

This pumping motion of the disc will push out old toxins and draw in nutrients, oxygen and water to hydrate the disc so it can heal itself and make it stronger with each session. Most patients, including myself, find the pulling action of the table very comfortable. And it’s not uncommon to find our patient’s taking a nap during their treatment. The fall asleep. They wake up. And they feel better.

How Spinal Decompression For The Neck Works

If you have a disc herniation, degenerated or bulging disc, pinched nerve, spinal stenosis, or even failed neck surgery, let me show you how we set you up on the decompression table. We have neck device that grips comfortably the base of the skull and there is a strap that positions that forehead to stay in place. Based on the level disc involved we know to angle the pulley system from 5 to 20 degrees. When the milking action begins, the

How Spinal Decompression For The Low Back Works

If this resonates with you, go ahead and pick up the phone now. Call me at (806) 686-1055 to set up a meet. I’ll introduce you to the decompression table in person. If you have an MRI, I’d be delighted to review it with you. I can determine right there if decompression would be the best option to best resolve your pain issue. And we’ve created the capability in our office that you can get in to see me as soon as today, if we are open today. We’ll get you in today so that if you’re determining any kind of serious invasive procedure, you may just be able to avoid it.