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Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic is a full-service chiropractic and therapeutic massage center located in Amarillo, TX. We provide non-surgical treatment for disk injuries, lower back problems, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and sciatica.

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"Around the 1st of August 08, my back was aching and I noticed my knees and hips were uneven. I called Dr. Lovett's office for an appointment. During my 1st exam Dr. Lovett noticed my ankle.
In 1980, I had a car accident that left me with a compound fracture in my right ankle. After 2 surgeries I still was using a cane or crutches. In 1984 I had an allograft surgery ( a donor's ankle joint was put into my ankle). The surgery went well and I have been able to walk without the aid of cane or crutches. My ankle had been very stiff without much movement at all, and late afternoon's I was always very glad to prop my feet up.

Dr. Lovett looked at me and said I think we can also help your ankle too with laser treatments. I had come in for my back because it was sore. I said, sure I'll try your laser treatment thinking nothing was going to help my ankle...I thought.
After my 1st treatment I could tell my ankle had more movement. That evening around 8 pm. I found myself still doing things I usually do early mornings. Next day I noticed my muscles in my right leg were sore because more movement in my ankle allowed me to walk normal.
I find it shocking that with the laser treatments I walk better and longer during the day doing life's everyday chores. Dr. Lovett will tell you laser treatment works even better on recent injuries. But it's been quite awhile since 1984 and the improvement in my ankle is AMAZING. I love the laser treatment and would advise anyone with problems to check it out. I am very grateful for Dr. Lovett and his wonderful staff, but I also love the verse that says "He will provide all your needs."
- Lana H.

"My Name is Sharon H. My husband's name is David. We have been married for 30 years. During this time we have moved twenty six times to various cities in Texas as David moved with his company.
All this moving, plus living a very active lifestyle put a strain on our bodies. One time David fell down the stairs of our apartment building while we were moving in. He rolled down just like a little ball. I love to do construction work, also I have built fences, built fireplaces, tiled floors, anything to do with making houses look better, I was in the middle of it. I had also rode dirt bikes and messed around with drag racing when I was in my twenties.
In 1992, I had my first neck surgery. Things went along ok until 1996, when I was laying a stone patio in Austin. Somehow I hurt my lower back. I have had pain in my lower back since then, getting a steroid injection about every three months, which put me in bed for two weeks to recover from the shots. My husband began having numerous problems with his back and legs in the past five years and much of it was blamed on Diabetes. We were both on strong pain pills. I began to worry about the next 10 years, how we would be, as we are both 56 years old.
I began to pray to God for help and healing. I spoke his word over our health every day. The word says, I am an overcomer and I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. Rev. 12:11. By the stripes he took on his back we were already healed. Some people David worked with suggested Dr. Lovett, but I was very concerned about anyone snapping anything that was already busted. David still persisted in going. His improvement was overwhelming. I watched him change in just two weeks. David used to put in a few hours of work a day and come home and go to bed with a heating pad and Bengay rub. Now he is putting in full days at work and even working in the yard.

I decided to give this Lovett guy a try. I was very hesitant about it. Well Praise the Lord, after only two weeks, my back brace was gone, and I was back to platering and painting. I have new hope for the future. I know God had done this. As I read and spoke God's word, my healing came. Not as I had expected, but through the hands of a man named Lovett."
- Sharon H.

"The big toe joint of both my feet had been hurting for over two years. I haven't been able to wear high-heeled shoes; I haven't been able to wear anything that sits on those joints. The pain has been so intense that when I would get out of bed in the morning that I couldn't stand up. There were also days when I would get off work drive home, and be in tears before I got there because my feet hurt so badly. I went to two orthopedists and one M>D> with absolutely no relief. One of the doctors gave me cortisone injections in the ball of my foot, which did nothing but make the ball of my foot sore on top of the joint pain.
I came to see Dr. Lovett for an alignment and mentioned the problem with my feet to him. He suggested that we try the cold laser. After all this time, I figured "What the heck." I thought I'd give it a try. Within 3-4 treatments, the pain started to ease up. I still have pain, but by comparison, it is night and day. I still can't wear shoes that lay across my joints, but I can wear boots again, and I can wear shoes all day without crying in pain. I believe that with continued treatment, I may be able to wear heels again. I'm already walking for exercise again. Something I haven't been able to do in two years.
I would encourage anyone with any kind of pain to at least try the cold laser treatments. I am not the only person I know that has been helped by them, and I think they are wonderful. My only regret is that I didn't talk to Dr. Lovett sooner. I wasted a lot of time, energy and money on a lot of other things that didn't work.
This treatment is exceptional!"
- Rhonda R.

"When I came to see Dr. Lovett 5 weeks ago, I had such excruciating pain from spasms and cramping in my lower back that I could not even lay on his adjusting table without it causing the painful cramping. Gradually, over the past 5 weeks, with his lumbar adjustment, stimtrainer, and ultrasound, I have returned to almost "normal." I have promised myself that I will make regular appointments from now on so that I stay in adjustment. I have 58 years of chiropractic history (my dad was a chiropractor) so I know the benefits of chiropractic. I had just fallen behind in maintenance and paid the price.
Pain was an 8 in my lower back left side; it started with soreness and became incapacitating within 1 week. At it's worst I had to walk by mere inches (morning was worst) and slither off the bed on my stomach ( took about 20 min).
Stimtrainer stopped severe cramping within 30 min of use. I was able to bend over slightly, during, first use and cramping stopped until evening during the first two weeks. Next week, no cramping, but would "catch" again upon arising. Fourth week slept propped up to avoid early morning cramping. Dr. Lovett started lumbar thrusts and all cramping and spasms stopped. "Catchy" spots are fewer. Continued stimtrainer and ultrasound.
Time, patience, continuity, and faith in chiropractic are the answers.
- Jodi B.

"I had chronic back pain from West Nile Virus for about 4 years. The doctors have compared it to diabetic neuropathy. I tried finding relief from steroid injections, several different pain medications, acupuncture, and massage therapy. All of these therapies helped but only a little. My greatest relief has come from Stimtrainer. After about 5 treatments I felt so much better that I asked to purchase one. I purchased mine from Dr. Lovett in Amarillo TX, and I use it everyday. I can use it at work or at home. The results have given me my life back without the continuous pain. I highly recommend this for anyone that has chronic pain."
- L. Martin
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