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To give our patients the best healing experience available so they can return to the activities they love.

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Compassion & Connection

Feel the love. You will find our board certified doctors and staff looking in your eyes, listening to your concerns, speaking clearly with direction, and smiling warmly at each of your visits.


It should always feel amazing or “hurt good”.  Some like it soft. Others like it strong. Your treatments should feel personalized and good to you.

You have full control.

We will always tell you what you need, and give you what you want in the way you want it. 

Meet Your Doctors

Dr Daniel Scherer

Dr Daniel Scherer at Lovett Chiropractic on Soncy Rd in Amarillo

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I came to Amarillo for the family-friendly atmosphere. My wife Rose and I have four children, and we found a sense of community here in Amarillo we didn’t experience in the big city.  We do miss the trees of the South, but I’ve learned I can find trees when I go camping, hiking and river rafting, which are some hobbies of mine.  

Three painful lower back disc bulges kept me from practicing chiropractic for several years, during which I ran a personal training company so I could continue teaching my enthusiasm for healthy living.  In August 2015, Dr Lovett invited me to return to chiropractic practice and told me he could help me stop my pain and build a better foundation for pain-free living, then turn around and help others. 

That’s exactly what we did!  I am forever thankful for the tools I’ve been given.  I can now get down on the floor to wrestle with my kids.  I can work, play and travel pain-free as much as I want! Better yet, because I can relate first hand with our patients from my own pain and personal recovery, I feel I’ve become a better doctor and teacher.  I look forward to hearing your story, and showing you a better way to build a strong foundation for not only pain-free living, but also loving the life you live!

Dr Ky Schoenenberger

I was raised in Happy all my life where I was a third-generation graduate from Happy High School. My undergraduate studies were at Texas Tech and West Texas A&M, so until I departed for Dallas to obtain my doctorate in chiropractic, life on Interstate 27 was all I knew. I enjoyed my time in the Metroplex, but let me tell you, I am thankful to be back home closer to my amazing family. I share much more in common with the people of the panhandle where we love our families, enjoy camaraderie and good evening, and spend our Sundays in the worship. This is where I started my life, so I am thrilled to be able to come back and establish my career with the same extraordinary people.

My mission as a chiropractor is to return the love and compassion that was shown to me as I was growing up by providing exceptional care to my patients. God gifted me with the passion to care for others and then blessed me with the opportunity to share those gifts at Lovett chiropractic. I found a second family at Lovett chiropractic insurance my spiritual values as well as the same goals for this wonderful place we all call home.

I cannot wait to make you a happier and healthier version of yourself! Come on in…I look forward to meeting you, and I am ready to serve.

Dr Ky Schoenenberger
The doctors at Lovett Chiropractic
Dr Lovett and his wife on church mission in NY

Dr Brock Lovett

Hey, I’m Dr Brock Lovett and I’m a native of Amarillo.  I graduated from Palo Duro High School and attended Amarillo College and West Texas State University (That’s what WT was called at it’s time).  

Once I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor, I attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa.  Then, upon graduation, I returned to Amarillo and started Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic in 1981 with the idea of working as honestly and as long as I could to help people in need.  That business model seemed to have worked well. It has been fun through the years. You’ll find our staff and doctors completely dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients and consider it a privilege to serve you.

My wife Debbie and I have 6 children and a growing number of beautiful grandchildren, whom we enjoy more than anything else.  I also enjoy serving in my church that has asked me to serve with Debbie in upstate New York until August 2020. That is where I am now.  You might catch me on a rare day in the great outdoors, oftentimes near a river or water source where I can fish. Until August 2020, I’m confident you’ll find our systems extremely helpful and compassionate.

Follow the smiles.

You’re thinking, “I sure hope this works!” There’s a reason we’ve been voted Best Chiropractic Office in Amarillo by the Amarillo Globe News. Schedule a consultation now with us and we’ll tell you in a matter of minutes if we can help.