Welcome to the New Patient Center

If you’re looking for fast pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery, then we may be the answer for you here at Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic in Amarillo, TX.

Here’s how to save 15 minutes of your time at the office:

  • Step 1: Call our office at (806) 358-7106 now to set up an appointment to meet your doctor.
  • Step 2: Now click on the appropriate button below.
  • Step 3a: Fill in the questions online and press “SUBMIT”. Voila! You are ready for your first visit!
  • Step 3b: Or, if you have a printer and prefer to fill out your paperwork by hand and bring it with you to your initial visit, then press the button below that is appropriate. Filling out your paperwork should only take about 7 minutes.

Expect to be with us around 1 and 1/2 hours on your first visit. It will be the longest visit with us because we have to discover what’s causing your problems. Any future visits will be significantly shorter. We look forward to meeting you!

Additional Auto Accident Paperwork

What to expect on your first visit.

The Consultation, examination and procedures we perform here at Lovett Chiropractic Pain Relief Clinic, are specific to detecting joint dysfunction, disc health and whether or not nerves are being pinched.

Here are a few things to expect on your first visit to our office.

  1. Upon entering our office we will review your symptoms you told us about on your intake forms and then ask further questions to piece the puzzle together of what is causing your problem.

  2. The doctor will then meet with you to consult and perform several tests as well as “palpate” your spine and affected joints.
    Palpation is the term we use to mean the doctor checks your spine with his hands. You will keep your clothes on during the exam. Only if the low back is a major problem does the doctor need to lift up your shirt tail. Posture, spinal curves, muscle tone and range of joint motion may also be examined to determine the details of the problem and what treatments will be most effective.

  3. We might recommend X-rays depending on your age and the issue to fix. Several reason we would not take x-rays for certain patients include most children, pregnant moms, recent usable spinal x-rays.

  4. Once we’ve gathered the right information the doctor can give a definitive answer on what will help you resolve your issue most effectively.

  5. You will be treated on your first visit. Once the doctor determines the cause of the problem, he can direct your care starting the first day to see if we can start getting you back to feeling good.

  6. If the doctor took X-rays, he will more than likely want to show you what he found wrong, explain to you the care necessary to restore health to your injury and tell you what exercises you can start doing to speed up your recovery.