"No-Fluff" Services to Relieve Your Joint & Back Pains

Don’t let your aches, pains and joint problems distract you from your life. We learned to cut out the “fluff” therapies and kept only the techniques and therapies that get the biggest results so you can recover fast.

You’ll notice when a joint gets hurt or injured the muscles surrounding the joint protect it by locking down, as if it’s saying, “Please don’t hurt me again.” If that joint doesn’t get back to moving quickly then it will wear down, dehydrate, degenerate and decay in time.

So, we use several gentle and specific chiropractic techniques to get the joints moving and functioning quickly. By the way, we love communication between you and the doctor to find which techniques are most comfortable for you.

We use massage therapies to relax the muscles, especially if they’re spasming and making you feel uncomfortable. Massage can relax the muscles, reduce inflammation and help the joints move easier during the chiropractic adjustment.

Non-surgical Spinal Decompression helps pump life into the joint and vertebral discs. It has been around for 30+ years, and though it’s still considered “experimental”, it has proven a beautiful treatment for chronic painful disc bulge problems. So we kept it in our arsenal of go-to therapies. Click on the “Spinal Decompression” tab below and Dr Scherer will share his personal story of how he was able to recover from 3 debilitatingly painful disc bulges in his low back. Plus we’ll show you what the research claims along with our in-house case studies and results.

Cold Laser Therapy has proven most effective for more recent injuries. It’s purpose is to rev up the repair cells around an injury or ailment to speed up healing. It might look like “just a red light”, but this FDA cleared machine does wonders for sprains, strains and nerve conditions when caught early.

There aren’t many doctors in town who still accept auto accident / car wreck problems. We noticed a long time ago that we have successfully done a lot of good with those affected by personal injury ailments where the individual got “banged up”. If you find yourself hurt in an automobile or on-the-job, give us a call and we’d for sure be interested in helping you recover.

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