The Young & Active Plan

This 2-Part Plan Guides You From Distracting Tight, Achy Pain To Feeling Alive & Full Of Energy!

Part 1. Relief As Fast As Possible

Use the Relief Stretches combined with your treatments to give you relief as fast as possible and to gain more energy. Use the Posture Fix to feel relaxed during a long day.

Part 2. Feel Alive & Full Of Energy

Once your pain is gone or minimized, stop the Relief Stretches and, use the Young & Active Exercises combined with your supportive care to keep you feeling alive & full of energy.

Relief Stretches

Scroll down the Relief Stretches section to click on the area you want to relieve. These posture progression stretches, combined with your treatments, will give you faster relief. 

Other Relief

Relieve and relax these other conditions with the posture progressions inside each link. 

Posture Fix

Fix your posture and feel more relaxed in all positions as you combine your treatments with these. Click on your desired outcome below and follow the simple steps.

Young & Active Exercises

Now that your tension and pain is minimized, use the Young & Active Exercises. This posture progression will help you feel relaxed, more energized and more alive today!

Boost Metabolism

Boost your metabolism with this posture progression. You will discover more energy and a smaller waistline. 

Sports Relief & Performance

Playing your best game starts with posture alignment. Scroll down to click on your sport and use the posture progressions before and after your activity to keep performing and feeling great.