Ankle Relief

The Start Of A Completely Pain-Free Ankle

If you have chronic ankle pain, non-injured ankle pain or inflamed Achilles tendon pain (Achilles tendonitis) then we may be able to help you! 

Some people we have met in the past were skeptical at first, so to give you some results in advance, follow the exercises below to alleviate some of your symptoms.  Then when you’re ready, if you want to speed up your results, book an appointment with one of our doctors today and we’ll tell you in a matter of just a few minutes if we can help you.

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DISCLAIMER: First consult your doctor to ensure no break, infection, tumor, tear or organ involvement. 

30 mins, at least once in the morning. Do exercises daily until the pain is gone for 24 hours. Continue for 1 week. Then switch to the overall conditioning supportive program. See link at bottom for more tips.

Foot Circles

Time Frame: 1 set of 20 repetitions for each direction on both ankles.

WhyThis restores ankle flexibility.

How: Lie on your back. One leg flat on floor, toes point to the sky. Other leg bent toward chest. Clasp hands behind knee as you circle the foot clockwise 20x.  Reverse direction of circling foot and repeat 20 reps. Make sure the knee stays absolutely still, with the movement coming from the ankle and not from knee. 

Static Back

Time Frame: Hold this position for up to 10 minutes.

WhyThis settles hips to the floor and releases any compensating muscles that interfere with foot and ankle gait pattern. 

How: Lie on back, both legs bent 90 degrees on couch, chair or stack of pillows. Arms rest straight out, below shoulder level, palms up. Let back settle into the floor. Focus on belly-breathing, stomach rising on inhale & fall on exhale.  Hold position up to 10 minutes. 

Static Wall

Time Frame: Hold this position for up to 5 minutes.

WhyThis engages front of the thighs and lower legs. 

How: Lie on back.  Legs straight up against wall, hip-width apart.  Tighten thighs. Flex feet and toes back toward your belly-button.  Get your buttocks and hamstrings (back of the thigh) as close to the wall as you can.  The smaller the gap, the better. Concentrate on relaxing your upper body. Hold up to 5 minutes. 

Supine Groin Stretch

Time Frame: Relax in this position for at least 10 minutes, then switch sides. 

Why: This tames the powerful muscles that run along the inside thighs. 

How: Lie on back, one leg bent at 90 degrees resting on coach, chair, or stack of pillows. Other leg extends straight out, resting on the floor. Both legs should line up with hips and shoulders.  Both feet point to sky and propped up if ever rolling to one side. Relax in this position for at least 10 minutes, then switch sides. 

Thigh Test: An alternate way to time supine groin effectiveness. How: Contract the thigh of extended leg to determine where you feel the strongest part of the contraction. Initially it will be near the knee. As the stretch continues, do the test contractions every 3 minutes. The strongest part will move up the thigh. Don’t hold the thigh in contraction; simply contract it and release it for the test. When you feel the contraction at the top of the thigh, it’s time to switch sides.

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