Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is an advanced, non-surgical traction tool. It gently & comfortably un-pinches nerves and pumps life back into the affected spinal joint/s, all so your back, legs, neck and arms feel fantastic again. This will help you keep doing the activities you love without feeling you are disappointing your kids, your work or yourself. 


Most people take a nap or scroll their social media during their treatment.


Each treatment only takes 15 minutes.


Start feeling relief on your first couple sessions.

Decompression therapy has proven effective in treating pinched nerves, deteriorating joints and herniated / bulging disc conditions, including arm numbness and sciatica. Whether your pain and tension is chronic or just came on recently, we can guide you to long-term relief by designing a custom treatment plan for you. Above is a video of how non-surgical spinal decompression works. Don’t waste your time suffering with unnecessary pain or tightness. You deserve to live a life feeling alive and full of energy!