Elbow Relief Stretches

This is for anyone who has tight, achy pain or inflammation in your elbow. Click on each arrow to reveal pictures and instructions.


1. These stretches are not designed to be medical advice. First consult a medical professional to ensure you don’t have an issue that requires medical attention (ie. break, infection, tumor, tear or organ involvement.) 

2. If any of the stretches cause pain, stop doing it and move on to the next one.

1. Do the stretches at least once daily until the pain is gone for a full 24 hours. For faster results, repeat the sequence as much as 10x/day in the order given. If any stretch causes discomfort, skip that stretch for now and reintroduce it later. 

2. Once the tension, aches and pains are gone, use the daily warm-up exercises to stay young and active.

Total Time - 7 mins

How: Stand up on step with heels edged off step. Hold onto rail for support. Let body weight press down into heels to engage the backside leg muscles.  Don’t bend knees. Hold position.

How: Kneel on all fours, shoulders directly over hands. Let back and head relax toward floor so shoulder blades come together.  Let belly button push toward floor so there is a pronounced arch in back. Keep elbows straight, shift hips forward 6-8 inches in front of knees.  Hold position. 

How: Bent over a bench or chair, Hold a 5 lb weight lightly in free hand – as you gently pendulum weighted arm in a small circle.  Let momentum carry arm through the circle. Circle 20x clockwise, and 20x counterclockwise, then repeat on other arm. 

How: This is a 3-position move.  If 3rd position aggravates elbow, only do position 1 & 2 then try again after two days. 

Position one: Face wall, feet pigeon-toed up against the wall.  Place arms over head in 12-O’Clock position, and hold for 1 minute.  Elbows straight, while shoulders rotate away from the wall, with the thumbs pointing away from the wall.  Hold 1 minute. 

Position two: Same pigeon-toed stance. Place arms at 10-and-2-O’Clock position. Hold for 1 minute. 

Position three: Same pigeon-toed stance. Place arms at quarter-to-three position. Hold for 1 minute. 

Add this when resting (Total Time - 10 mins)

How: Lie on back, one leg bent 90 degrees resting on chair. Other leg extends straight out on floor. Prop both feet so toes point upward.  Hold until extended leg is completely relaxed, then switch leg position and repeat.