Head Relief

One Great Start To Ending Chronic Headaches

This is for you if you’re having migraines and headaches caused by stress, tension, bad posture, stiff neck or arthritis… this may be able to help you! 

Some people we have met in the past were skeptical at first. So, to give you some results in advance, follow the exercises below to alleviate some of your symptoms.  Then when you’re ready, if you want to speed up your results, book an appointment with one of our doctors today and we’ll tell you in a matter of just a few minutes if we can help you.

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DISCLAIMER: First consult your doctor to ensure no break, infection, tumor, tear or organ involvement. 

10 mins.  At least once in the morning.  Do exercises daily until pain stops for 48 hours.  Once pain is gone, move to the overall supportive conditioning program found on the links at the end.

Static Extension

Time Frame: Hold position for 1 minute.

Why: Turns off compensating hip muscles, restores the normal low back arch.

How: Kneel on all fours with shoulders directly over hands. Let back and head relax toward the floor so the shoulder blades come together.  As you relax, let belly button push toward floor so there is a pronounced arch in your back. Keep elbows straight, and shift your hips forward 6-8 inches in front of knees.  Hold 1 minute. 

Static Back

Time Frame: Hold position for 5 minutes.

Why: This balances hips flat on floor while pairing hip and trunk structures. 

How: Lie on back, both legs bent 90 degrees on couch, chair or stack of pillows. Arms rest straight out, below shoulder level, palms up. Let back settle into the floor. Focus on belly-breathing, stomach rising on inhale & fall on exhale.  Hold position for 5 minutes.

Air Bench

Time Frame: 3 sets of holding position for up to 1 minute.

Why: This relinks the ankles, knees and hips.  

How: Lean against wall. Press hips and lower back into wall. Walk feet forward. Slide down into sitting position. Do not sit below 90 degree knee bend. Keep Knees over ankles, not over the toes.  If pain in kneecaps, raise body up the wall to relieve pressure. Hold up to 1 minute. If too much of a workout, try only a few seconds at a time and build to 1 minute. Walk around for a minute after this exercise. Repeat 2 more times.

Door Squat

Time Frame: 2 sets of holding position for up to 1 minute

Why: This balances lower-body muscles and structures, while the top is under proper vertical load. 

How: Hold onto door frame, bend knees, hinge hips. Arch low back forward. Keep torso straight and vertical. Arms straight. Hold 1 minute and repeat.

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