Hip Relief

The Start To Having Completely Pain-Free Hips

This is for you if you have hip or buttocks pain, a tight low back, difficulty bending, or hip arthritis… this may be able to help you! 

Some people we have met in the past were skeptical at first. So, to give you some results in advance, follow the exercises below to alleviate some of your symptoms.  Then when you’re ready, if you want to speed up your results, book an appointment with one of our doctors today and we’ll tell you in a matter of just a few minutes if we can help you.

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DISCLAIMER: First consult your doctor to ensure no break, infection, tumor, tear, or organ involvement. 

For severe pain = 1 hour.  For slight pain = 20 mins. Once in the morning.  Do the exercises daily until the pain stops for 24 hours.  Once the pain is gone, continue with the menu for 1 week before switching to the overall supportive conditioning program found in the link below.

Counter Stretch

Time Frame: 1 repetition of holding position for 30 seconds.

Why? This restores the spine’s S-curve by turning off shoulder and hip compensation. 

How: Place palms flat on counter or waist level tabletop.  A little higher or lower is okay. Bend forward at hips. Arms outstretched on countertop.  Feet, ankles and knees line up directly under hips. Push belly toward floor. Head falls through your arms. Hold position 30 secs.

Sitting Floor

Time Frame: Hold position for 4 minutes. 

Why? This links shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. 

How: Sit against wall with legs straight out in front. Squeeze shoulder blades together and hold.  Do not elevate shoulders. Tighten thighs. Point the feet toward belly button. Hold 4 minutes. 

Static Back

Time Frame: Hold the position for up to 10 minutes.

Why? This balances hips flat on floor while pairing hip and trunk structures. 

How: Lie on back, both legs bent 90 degrees on couch, chair or stack of pillows. Arms rest straight out, below shoulder level, palms up. Let back settle into the floor. Focus on belly-breathing, stomach rising on inhale & fall on exhale.  Hold position up to 10 minutes. 

Supine Groin Stretch On Towels

Time Frame: Hold position up to 10 minutes.

Why? This turns off compensating groin muscles. 

How: Lie on back, one leg bent 90 degrees resting on chair. Other leg extends straight out on floor.  Put rolled towels (3.5 inch diameter) under neck and low back. Prop both feet so toes point upward.  Hold until extended leg is completely relaxed, then switch leg position and repeat. Use Thigh Test to determine when leg is completely relaxed. 

Thigh Test: An alternative way to know when leg is relaxed. Contract thigh of straight leg to feel the strongest part of the contraction. Initially it will be near the knee. As the stretch continues,  The contraction will move up thigh. Don’t hold thigh in contraction; simply contract and release it when testing every few minutes. When you feel the contraction at the top of the thigh, it’s time to switch sides.

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