Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has proven to be an asset here at Lovett Chiropractic as it reduces symptoms faster and speeds up our patient’s recovery time.

The benefits we often witness with massage are increased joint mobility, improved muscle flexibility, and reduced stress & anxiety on the body. We also love that it helps the chiropractic adjustment last longer.

Because we strongly focus on balancing posture, massage has helped balance the body, relax spasms and contracted muscle tendons, un-wind connective tissue, reduce flare-up symptoms and even out bound-up ligaments and break up scar tissue.

We offer 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions that can be covered by insurance. Book an appointment today and we’ll be able to tell you in just a few minutes if and how we can help, and what your insurance can cover.

Find One Of Our Clinics Near You

If you’re in Amarillo, Texas, we have two locations now.  One on Soncy Rd, and one on Paramount Blvd. Click the link to get directions to the one most convenient for you!