Sciatica Relief

Stop sciatic leg pains. Stand firm. Stand tall. Here’s what we do. We use a simple 4-step alignment process.

Adjusting Senior Woman


Chiropractic adjustments to improve your joint mobility.

Walk-ins Are Welcome


Myofascial Release Massage to restore range of motion.

Therapy Department performing stretches


Egoscue Method™ Posture Therapy to align your posture and symmetry.

Decompression Treatment


Triton™ Decompression technology to rehydrate discs and un-pinch nerves.

"I've been coming here for at least 20 years.. All the Dr are absolutely wonderful.. Dr Scherer has helped me more times than I could count.. He fixed me when others Drs we're completely stumped.. If it wasn't for him I most likely would of have unneeded shoulder surgery.. He does more than just backs and necks.. Several months ago I ended up with 3 bulging discs after trying to move a transmission.. I went to Lovett's within 2 hours of the injury and even after the first visit I was able to move WAY better than when I walked (almost crawled) in.. I HIGHLY recommend Lovett Chiropractic.."
- Misty, Amarillo, TX
"Lovett chiropractic is hands down the best chiropractic office I have ever been to. I came in with a multitude of problems ranging from numbness in my left arm to pain shooting down my legs. After beginning treatment with in a few weeks they had me back to feeling normal again. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know that has back and neck problems. Their office is great. Also not only are the chiropractors amazing; the staff is always super friendly and compassionate to their patients. Always helpful and understanding. I would give them 10 stars if I could."
- Jacky, Amarillo, TX

simple Works.

Here’s how to feel great all the time.

Get better, stay better.

Drop by our office for Hands-On Treatment. Also, you can Phone, Skype, or Facetime with a live therapist. Or log online for personalized coaching.

Even when you're busy.

Sometimes you’re so busy with life that you just can’t get in to see us.  We have an App for that! Ask us today about the Egoscue Method™ and Online Coaching.

Support made simple.

Lovett Chiropractic has teamed with the Egoscue Method™ to give you ongoing support anytime, anywhere so you can live pain-free while life is hectic!

Start your relief today.